M&J Group focuses on developing new sustainable, natural resource saving garment treatment techniques. For this, for the September 2015 Munich Fabric Start edition, they will launch their new Zen Zero Polar washing technique, a treatment that allows garment producers and laundries to use less than one liter of water per each garment.

“It is a great result obtained after months of research,” commented Fabio Adami Dalla Val, R&D head and trade marketing manager. “And it is even greater if you think it can be applied to denim production and dyeing, which is one of this industry’s most water-consuming processes.”

The new technology can be applied to most different surface treatment techniques – be them monochromatic dyeing and vintage look effects or treatments combined with laser finishing.

The specialized garment manufacturer has already launched a series of innovative techniques such as, for instance, a “colored laser” technique. It recently adopted Bio3, an ozone-based technology that reduces the consumption of chemicals and water when bleaching denim. “After launching our Start to Measure, procedure aimed at tracking the consumption of resources, and gaining the Platinum Leed and GOTS certification, Zen Zero Polar is a further step achieving new results aimed at preserving the environment,” continues Dalla Val.