Mistral Division Europe BV has purchased the license for the Mistral Sportswear collection in Europe from X-WEAR BV of Wierden. This takeover marks the start of a new stage for Mistral Sportswear (mistral.com).

The staff of former owner X-WEAR will enter the employment of Mistral Division Europe, in order to maintain continuity within the sports segment. At the same time the company will set up a completely new business unit for the fashion segment.

Selling the sports and fashion segment will also take place via two different business units. Where possible, cooperation with the current agents for sports will be continued. For instance Elton IJpma will remain responsible for sales in the Netherlands. Moreover, Mistral will keep the showroom in the Sports Business Center in Leusden. Partners are currently being found for the new fashion line and the first contracts have been signed.

The new collection is aimed at a high segment of the sports fashion market on a large scale. For Summer09 Mistral has presented a new beachwear line as well as the first new casual items such as sports shirts and fashion-led jackets. The first complete new fashion line is been planned for Winter09/10, and will combine with the technical sports collection.