German denim brand M.O.D has launched a new shop-in-shop concept. Its distinctive feature is the flexibility of the shop modules. “Hereby, we want to offer small and midsized multilabel retailers the opportunity to surprise their customers with new shop designs in order to set stimuli for the customers to buy,” comments Sales Manager Rainer Ksoll, who also is in charge of the shop expansion at M.O.D. The new shop concept is currently tested in the denim store Underground in Brandenburg, Germany; the aim for 2012 is to get between 15 and 20 further partners.

Moreover, M.O.D now starts to offer four collections per year, divided into several packages with different delivery times so that the collection can be renewed and remixed regularly. Furthermore, Monopol Textilhandels GmbH, shareholder of M.O.D, has extended its range of products as it offers not only clothing but also shoes, bags and belts. This shall result in “bringing more branding into the shop and conquer new customer potential,” according to Ksoll. A clearer, more specific and at the same time emotional campaign is to support the entire brand image. So far, there is no monobrand store of M.O.D; however, it is definitely “on the list” for the future, says Ksoll.