Last week, Lodenfrey Munich saw the launch of Stone Island's exclusive jacket for the premium retailer, using the traditional loden for the outstanding technical creation. For Stone Island presidend Carlo Rivetti this cooperation is a celebration of a long friendship between the brand and Lodenfrey as he explained earlier here on sportswearnet. Now, Markus Höhn, executive partner of Lodenfrey explains why collaborations are so important for them as a retailer. Interview by Regina Henkel

You just launched a collaboration with Stone Island – a special edition jacket exclusively made for your store. Why is it important for you to have this collaboration?
The cooperation with Stone Island is very important for us, because we always want to offer exclusive and limited products to our customers that they cannot get elsewhere. By more than 30 years of collaboration with Carlo Rivetti and his team not only a strong confidence has arisen, but also a mutual understanding. The result is this unique Limited Edition jacket, which is unique on the market.

Lodenfrey X Stone Island
Lodenfrey X Stone Island

Are you going to sell this exclusive jacket, limited to only 30 pieces, also online?
We will sell it in our store, but of course also in our continued strong growing online store.

Are you having such collaborations with other brands as well?
We are working sporadically with selected partners, with whom there is a long-standing and trusting cooperation, such as with Woolrich. In these collaborations, it is extremely important for us that we are talking in terms of quality, design and value with the partners a common language in order to ultimately develop this outstanding product which satisfies the demands of our customers.