Levi’s is launching its additional customizing service - Levi’s Tailor Shop.

Thanks to this new customization service, consumers will be able to choose how to personalize their Levi’s garments by applying most different studs, embroidered patches carrying initials or their most favorite music bands’ logos. This service will complete a series of tailoring support, already offered inside stores, providing hem shortening, leg width adjustment, ripping, mending, ageing, abrasion and decoloring.

“It’s important to personalise denim in the right way – denim fans want an authentic look rather than looking as if you’ve had a go with your nail scissors! That’s where our team of in-house tailors comes in”, said Lizzie Radcliffe, Head Tailor at Levi’s® Regent Street flagship store. “Whether that’s a fresh new look for your favourite 501® jeans by cutting them into a pair of denim shorts or adding a little extra flourish to that ‘goes-with-everything’ trucker jacket by way of monogramming on the collar, it’s about making your denim reflect your true style.”
Box with several patches to customize denim pieces
Box with several patches to customize denim pieces

Whatever one’s style - punk or rock, pop or indie, hipster or hippie, Levi’s tailors can advise how to customize one’s own favorite piece by adding ripping at knees, studded collars or apply unique patches.
This service is already offered in some key Italian cities such as, for instance, selected Levi’s Store in Milan, Rome, Bologna and Venice since mid-May until the end of summer. Customization services will cost from €1 to €30.00.