Trouble comes when you least expect it: After the massively social media applauded launch of their Tommy x Gigi capsule collection (in Berlin and at New York Fashion Week, most recently), Tommy Hilfiger has to deal with a cease and desist order. This was issued by GiGi New York, a third generation family run company that produces leather handbags and agendas in its own New York factory, staffing up to 200 employees.

The GiGi New York trademark
Photo: Graphic Image
The GiGi New York trademark

GiGi New York’s trademark uses an upper and lower case writing of its brand name and claims that “Tommy Hilfiger has copied [this], causing additional consumer confusion, despite this typographical treatment having no history of use by its spokesperson, Gigi Hadid”, as was released in a press statement. The brand also expressed concern about Tommy Hilfiger’s promotion of synthetic leather bags harming the reputation of the GiGi New York genuine leather bags. The company requested that Tommy Hilfiger cease and desist the logo’s “misuse” and work in partnership to prevent consumer confusion. Tommy Hilfiger has reportedly notified GiGi New York that they do not intend to recognize their rights in GiGi New York's trademarked logo and are not concerned about the consumer confusion engendered by their misuse.

Gigi Hadid with Tommy Hilfiger


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Gigi New York is owned by Graphic Image, which owns federal trademarks for its "GIGI" family of marks. Similar trademarks are held throughout Europe, and GiGi New York is “positioned to defend them on both continents”, as the corporate statement phrased it.

The brand further encouraged the visitors of the current New York Fashion Week to visit its pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District on Washington Street and take a look at the “original” GiGi bags.

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