They are very well-known for their wooden retro sandals. Starting this fall/winter season, Swedish Hasbeens explores new fields by launching HasJeans, a line containing retro-designed jeans in Corduroy and Denim.

According to Swedish Has, the brand’s retail business has grown during the last years and the development of a wider range of products has been a natural step in the brands strategy.

pants by Swedish Hasbeens
Photo: Swedish Hasbeens
pants by Swedish Hasbeens

That the brand steps into denim with the new line HasJeans was the brainchild of the label’s founder and designer Emy Blixt, who could never find jeans to match her Swedish Hasbeens Wooden sandals: Making jeans in corduroy and denim has been a dream ever since I started Swedish Hasbeens. Corduroy is a fantastic material that has been difficult to find in jeans for many years now, which makes it unique to offer to our customers”, says Emy Blixt. “My favorites are brave colors like Neon Pink and Strong Orange, and we can see that there is a growing demand for this.”

The styles come in a vibrant color range from bright red, pink to green and blue. They are sold throughout the brand’s online shop for 139 Euro.