Orta recently introduced its first edition of the Indigo Friends creative hub. The event took place in London at the Indigo Friends Pop-Up Studio in 188 Hackney Road, from 19 May until 28 May 2017.


Aim of this first pop-up project was to launch a new collective creativity platform aimed at developing new employs in artisanship, technology and collective intellectual property.


The project was born as a satellite of the Orta Denim company as it was founded and belongs to denim insider Ebru Debbag, working for Orta. “I believe that we are evolving towards a world of integration and collaboration where the expertise and the passion of individuals will matter more for products or services,” commented Debbag. “The millennials are not after hot-shot corporate jobs. There is rather more yearning to build communities and great search for sustainable approaches. So what better canvas than denim? The manufacturing of the denim fabric, as well as jeans, are works of art, craft, and technologically integrated design.”


“The experience was very fulfilling,” continues Debbag. “We recalled great interest. We wanted to invite our customers to a creative space where we also engaged with the consumer, though mostly bloggers and urban trendsetters. During weekends we also welcomed the local crowd and the fashion seekers,” she commented. Also, Orta customers participated in the event as they wanted to start some early trend talks on S/S 2019. “We wanted to create dialogues through experience, not through B2B transaction.”


The pop-up studio was a platform for engagement where a premium selection of products including advanced Orta fabrics, selvage kimonos, handcrafted bags, ceramics and Orta’s “The 5374 Archive Book” were presented.

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