Hamburg based Brandbase 86 Fashion GmbH has broadened the fashion market with its new collection “Girrls”. “Business is getting harder, so we have to react”, explains Brandbase’s head of marketing Melanie Rehfeld, when talking about the reason for coming up with this brand new womenswear collection. This new label aims at fashionable young women, who want to dress themselves in an easy, affordable, commercial but fashionable way. “We have registered Girrls in November 2016 and a few weeks later we can offer a complete collection”, Brandbase CEO Mikael Hansen says. The huge advantage is, that Brandbase operates on the fashion market for decades, the company already offers the labels Broadway woman, Broadway man and Greystone for men and women; thus, Brandbase is able to rely on their facilities with strong suppliers, well-established logistics and distribution teams. However, in some regions Girrls will have own distribution.

The Girrls collection offers trends for women all year around. It is divided into twelve parts with twelve delivery rhythms per year which aims at a target group aged around 25 years. “This new collection is for women who want to dress in a younger way than the Broadway-women do”, Hansen explains.

The styles can also be ordered via the web shop and Brandbase runs a B2B web shop to offer an easy purchase for retailers. The retail prices for jackets are 59,99 Euro, jeans cost 49,99 Euro, blouses and pants 39,99 and t-shirt are around 24,99 Euro.