What the brand stands for: 
Created by Catarina Pedroso, a graduated artist and designer, Ballūta is a footwear brand connecting fashion, sustainability and art. Each piece of the collection is crafted from sustainable animal-free materials and produced in a family-run factory in São João da Madeira, Portugal.
The label is committed to developing trans-seasonal, timeless footwear, not sticking to any particular trends.
The name of the label originates from the archaic Portuguese word for oak nut: bolota. Bolota is the fruit of the cork oak tree, a native to southern Portuguese montado forests and the only tree that continuously produces a natural material–cork–that can be collected every nine years without menacing the tree’s own existence.
Furthermore, all materials used for branding and transport purposes are made from recycled and recyclable certified paper.

Country of origin:

Founding year: 


Founder/Creative Director:
Catarina Pedroso

Retail price points:
€230 up to €485