A complete new label can be born from one nostalgic moment, or at least this is what happened with British label Rockins. Through a common passion for vintage scarves, marketer Jess Morris and musician Tim Rockins got together to design silk scarves as Christmas presents. Taking this idea, the team aimed for a contemporary version of the classic silk scarf.

The brand launched in November 2014, when celebrities like Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, or Katy England spotted Rockins scarves. What started with high-quality accessories at Liberty London has grown quickly from there: now the brand added interior design products like cushions, throws, and piano shawls to its Christmas collection and has recently launched its own denim line. From several classic jeans models to silken and denim shirts and jackets: Rockins aspires a strong 70s vibe inspired by British Rock n Roll culture.

While the mainline products have a deliberately rough look, quality-wise Rockins aims for authentic, solid denim and does not use any stretch for their denim pants. Customization fans also get their piece of the cake with the customized denim jacket that yells Sid Vicious from afar.

Rockins’ scarves range from £75 to £295. The mainline pieces vary from £75 for a T-Shirt to £195 for a denim shirt. The denim pants range from £165 for the high-waist to £380 for a patchwork denim flare. The customized denim jacket comes at a price of £750.