US denim brand Levi’s celebrated the reopening of its Berlin-Mitte Buttenheim Store with more than 200 guests. The store offers the brand's Vintage Clothing, Made & Crafted and selected Red Tab collections for men and women over 140 sqm of space inspired by industrial buildings typical of Berlin. The store concept is dominated by functional, minimalistic anti-design combined with many details from Levi’s history.

Torsten Widarzik, general manager of Levi’s Germany, explained, “The conceptual idea behind Buttenheim is the connection between past and future and the attempt to combine something established with something innovative.” Well known Berliner, stylist and historian Konstantin Kessidis has served as store manager since the opening of Buttenheim in 2000 and added, “Our aspiration in for the store to act as the city’s connection between art and culture.”