The Italian Chamber of Fashion (CNMI ) today announced the opening of a new Fashion Institute of Milan. The “Porta Nuova” project in the Garibaldi-Repubblica, Varesine and Isola quarter will host an entire fashion city. The plan includes a new building (Modam) that will house the Fashion Institute of Milan, owned by the Municipality of Milan.

Designed by the architect firm Nicolin, the building, which should cover 9,125 sq. meters and five floors, will include a museum and the fashion school, with a campus extending to the park, exhibition spaces and labs.

“We are still in the phase of research and value a lot of initiatives,” says president of the CNMI Mario Boselli. “We are working out a business plan, in which the projects are going to self-finance themselves.”

The Chamber of Fashion is already working with the universities Politecnico, Bocconi, Cattolica and IULM-Unitel to establish “The Cube” for higher education in fashion. The Fashion Incubator will move here and give a boost to young designers. Meanwhile, the Milan Fashion Institute, which eventually will house the offices of the Italian Chamber of Fashion, is expected to remain a research and elaborate digital archive center for fashion publications.