Footwear brand Kangaroos and German singer and actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht are cooperating for a special edition in apparel, shoes and bags. The collection "Kangaroos by Jimi Blue" consists of jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, jumpsuits and tops for girls and boys from 10 to 19. Two different shoe styles and a bag collection with bowling, tote- und fancy bags are completing the small line. The fashion items are available in fresh colors like cool blue shades with blue-jewel, blueberry with dusk blues, light grey melanges, yellow, wine red and neon prints. Distribution will start in April in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Retail prices for apparel are ranging from €34,95 to 119,95, shoes are available from €49,95 to 89,95, and bags from €44,95 to 49,95.