After a year out of ready-to-wear, Jean Paul Gaultier is back, but exclusively in Japan. The French designer closed the doors on his ready-to-wear empire to focus on couture and fragrances a year ago. But then he teamed up with Japanese retailer Seven and i Holdings for a first ready-to-wear capsule collection–a unique collaboration that transcends the borders of retail formats.

The 50-piece womenswear collection that was launched on October 1 includes outerwear, tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories. Prices range from ¥3,900 (about €30) to ¥39,000 (about €300). The key element of the collection is a measuring tape–often used in his iconic border stripe pattern–that gives basic pieces such as sweaters, turtlenecks and scarfs that distinctive Gaultier look. The Jean Paul Gaultier for Sept Premières fall/winter 2015 and spring/summer 2016 collections are sold under the umbrella of the new private-label Sept Premières that Seven and i launched simultaneously.

The fall/winter collection is available at around 70 Ito Yokado, Sogo and Seibu stores in Japan while a newly launched online platform allows customers to pick up their online purchases at any of the 17,000 Japanese 7-Eleven “konbinis” (convenience stores) owned by Seven and i Holdings across Japan. Yes, you read that right: Jean Paul Gaultier will be sold at 7-Eleven. If all turns out successful, Seven and i plans to continue collaborating with high-end designers on this ready-to-wear meets ready-to-eat endeavour. That basically means all one needs to get affordable designer pieces is a plane ticket to Japan.