By Regina Henkel

It was a well-kept secret: at the ISPO in Munich, the German outdoor supplier Jack Wolfskin introduced the new premium line Tech Lab to selected retailers and journalists. Consisting of about 20 pieces, the collection is outdoor inspired, but aimed at urban consumers who simply appreciate the convenience of an outdoor jacket. "Our aim was," says Global Marketing Director Jan-Erik van Dijk,"to combine urbanity and weather protection. We see a very clear trend there." In line with this, the collection for men and women includes clean jackets and coats as well as elegant down Jackets. Highlight is a black and white mist print which complements every streetwear collection. With the new line, which will grow to a total of 40 to 50 pieces in the next few seasons, with more product groups to be added, Jack Wolfskin will also target specialized and fashion retailers. "Consumers today expect more from a product. They want not only beautiful products, but also technical, multifunctional ones," says van Dijk. This also explains the price structure changes. The price range starts at 299,95 and goes up to 749,95 euros for the Shoreditch Jacket, which was awarded at the ISPO with an ISPO Award.

Parallel to the launch of its Tech Lab Line, Jack Wolfskin is also introducing a Heritage Line - the first ever since the start of the company. On the occasion of the 35-anniversary of the brand, the company celebrates its first multi-functional jackets with the launch. The 3-in-1 jackets or 5-in-1 jackets were important sales drivers for a long time and are still very successful.

The new lines are linked to broader changes in the company. "We recently invested in many areas including the product, in innovation, in fits and also in the brand and its internationalization", said van Dijk about the program that started last fall. "Overall, it's about making the brand more desirable, but of course we will not become a fashion brand".