On March 20, 2014, Jack & Jones reopened its store in Berlin’s Alexa shopping center, showcasing the brand’s completely revised new international store concept.

On a sales area of 400 sqm, each of the five different Jack & Jones sub-brands is presented individually. With the central denim area being the heart of the store, the concept underlines the importance of jeans as Jack & Jones’ core product.

Ricardo Kovar, Retail Manager Jack & Jones, said: “With our new concept, we follow the idea to showcase the five brands with their different properties and messages all in one place but still provide individual presentation spaces. We create a separate room for each brand.”

The five different Jack & Jones concepts are addressed to diverse male customer groups: Jack & Jones Vintage Clothing (authentic, vintage jeanswear), Premium by Jack & Jones (tailored, high-quality, more elegant styles), Originals by Jack & Jones (young, cool, bold styles), Core by Jack & Jones (graphics-loving, urban streetwear) and Jack & Jones Tech (functional clothing for an active lifestyle).