During the last edition of the Kingpins Show held in Amsterdam on 29-30 October 2014 for the second season, Invista has co-sponsered the show and launched two major initiatives.

In addition to showcasing its global collection, while presenting a series of special employs of Coolmax and Tencel in denim, the company has presented a simplified Lycra brand architecture with the aim to reduce the number of sub-brands for the consumer and put a renewed focus on the Lycra master brand. They reduced their current brand portfolio to four cross-segment functional pillars: Lycra Beauty (focused on control and shaping of the silhouette), Lycra Energize (concentrated on wellbeing, health and wellness), Lycra Sport (centered upon physical and sport performance) and Lycra Xtra Life (focused on performance and garment resilience).

The Lycra Beauty brand had already been introduced for intimate apparel in 2011 and later for swimwear and legwear. The same concept, now extended to jeanswear, was premiered to denim insiders for the first time at Kingpins Amsterdam during the October 2014 edition, and will be further disclosed during Denim BY PV in Barcelona in November 2014.

Impression of the new Invista jeanswear
Impression of the new Invista jeanswear

According to Jean Hegedus, Invista’s marketing director for denim, today’s consumers expect more from their denim, and these fabrics can deliver the benefits female consumers are seeking. “Recent studies carried ahead by Invista in the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany throughout women aged 18-54 confirm they are looking for more performance attributes in their clothing as well as aesthetic features and soft hand,” commented Hegedus. “We analyzed comments from our sample of consumers and 80% of them showed interest in buying and wearing clothing items, including denim that can shape their body and make them feel comfortable at the same time.”

According to the research they noticed that each market showed greater attention for shaping a different part of their body. Average results showed that most women are interested in buying jeans that can shape their tummy (34%), waist (18%), thighs (14%), bottom (95) and hips (6%).

Thanks to Invista’s scientific wear force testing and body scanning focused on how garments shape and perform, they developed a special Invista technology integrating denim that can help shape the body, provide adequate support, help wearers look their best and maximize comfort and enhance self esteem.

The first denims incorporating this branded technology will be available on the market from s/s 2016.