During the last edition of Kingpins Amsterdam, Invista, global producer of polymers and fibers, has launched two new Thermolite brands, both to be worn in cold weather conditions and aimed at the jeanswear market. They introduced the Thermolite Infrared technology and patented the Thermolite Dual Layer technology as part of a new brand category called Thermolite Pro.

Jean Hegedus, global segment director for denim at Invista explained: “After conducting a consumer research by ICM Research in January 2016 we recognized how more than 70% of respondents were interested in the concept of a winter jean. The Thermolite brand was the most preferred option in terms of a technology name that would generate consumer interest in purchasing such a garment. The two Thermolite Infrared and Dual layer technologies can be used independently or in tandem for enhanced warming and insulating properties.”

As explained by Hegedus, denim fabrics made with Thermolite Infrared technology can increase their temperature when exposed to solar or artificial light. Special ceramic pigments added to the fiber can transfer the energy of infrared rays into heat the body can feel. For example, after 3 minutes under infrared light, surface temperatures of fabrics with infrared yarns increased 2 to 4 degrees Celsius, depending on the content of the infrared yarn in the fabric.

The patented Thermolite Dual Layer’s structure can create open spaces within the fabric, trapping air to help keep the wearer warm. According to Invista’s testing, a fabric’s ability to insulate is measured by its CLO value, and fabrics with Thermolite Dual Layer’s technology can achieve CLO values that are typically 25% to 30% higher compared to those of standard denim fabrics. The Thermolite Dual Layer technology is also engineered to enable faster drying next to the skin, helping the wearer stay warm and dry.