The Premium Exhibitions GmbH, organizer of the fashion trade shows Premium in Berlin and Premium Order Munich, is now partly owned by an investor.

Waterland Private Equity has taken over the shares of Norbert Tillmann, founder and up until now one of the three Premium stakeholders.
The other two, Anita Tillmann and Dr. Florian Bachelin, will keep their shares and occupation as managing directors.
The involved parties want to maintain silence about the sold shares’ purchasing price and the extent of the interest.

Sold his shares in Premium: Norbert TIllmann
Sold his shares in Premium: Norbert TIllmann
Anita Tillmann said: “I am happy to have found an amicable solution with our longterm partner Norbert Tillmann. With Waterland, we are winning a new stockholder who will support our further development and growth.”

According to a corporate statement, Norbert Tillmann will now dedicate himself to new projects, remaining in the fashion business. Tillmann hasn’t been involved in the operational business of the Premium Exhibition Group since July 2013. According to rumors, his pull-out back then had not been decided amicably by all parties.