Rankin, the British photographer, publisher, film director, and founder of The FullService advertising agency, has shot the f/w 2018/19 campaign of Roy Roger’s. The result is a stills campaign portraying an imaginary music band of rockers with a rebellious edge shot according to the old school, vintage tones of the ‘90s.

We asked him about this campaign and how fashion, jeanswear and photography will evolve.

Roy Rogers campaign f/w 2018/2019
Photo: Rankin Photography
Roy Rogers campaign f/w 2018/2019

What inspired you in creating this campaign?

Everyone remembers going into the record shop or the stadium to listen to their favorite artist. Like an old pair of jeans, those memories stay with you. They define you. I wanted to breathe life into the denim and create visual scenes that people relate to. It’s one thing looking cool and playing a Fender Strat, but if you’re wearing Roy Roger’s doing it, you’re on top of the world.”


Why did you choose to revamp a ’90s mood for this campaign?

There is a real paired back edge to the ’90s aesthetic, which is bang on for the Roy Roger’s brand. Plus obviously I was there first time round.


In days of social networks and speedy communication why did you opt for a sort of “static” and more meditative photography? 

The campaign was all about nostalgia, so we wanted to mimic that ’90s album cover look for something that was simpler in today’s society where everything is dialed up to 11. Plus the previous campaign, we’d gone all out on socials and we didn’t want to just repeat ourselves.

We tapped into that and gave it a mix of modern and retro to make it current but also back to basics. 


What is your opinion about the present state of communication and advertising of jeanswear brands? 

Denim blurs the lines between “all grown up” and “youthful” and is really wardrobe bread and butter for everyone. People find comfort in denim and the ongoing rise of casualization in fashion is never ending. Denim is easy and care free and it sits in a unique “coolness” loop, able to constantly refresh itself.

How will it evolve?

Nostalgia will always play an important role, but because of the influence of a connected world, we’ll probably see it being rehashed in different, layered ways. High-end fashion will keep on embracing denim but be more unique, artful and experimental with it. 

The awareness of sustainability is rising and people will want denim built to last, so we’ll probably see more brands celebrating a less is more approach, honing in on the artisanal craftsmanship, and utility behind denim.

Obviously, diversity is a huge topic now and it will be the norm in the future. So people will want to embrace all kinds of body positivity and the gender neutrality of looks will be here to stay. 


Roy Rogers campaign f/w 2018/2019
Photo: Rankin Photography
Roy Rogers campaign f/w 2018/2019

What about fashion photography? How will it evolve? 

We need to bring the character and creativity back to fashion photography. No more sterile shoots and over the top posing. People with personality are on the rise and in demand. You can’t fake charisma and people are really seeing that and casting differently because of it. 

People are screaming for relatable; they don’t go for the unachievable images anymore. They’re getting wise to fake. At least that’s what I think

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