Guglielmo Olearo, Denim Premiere Vision, director and Premiere Vision’s international exhibitions director, is disclosing some novelties of Denim PV’s edition. The show, happening on 5 and 6 December 2018, will debut in a new fashion capital – London – and a new location, The Old Truman Brewery, based in the cool Shoreditch district.

How is Denim Premiere Vision evolving and what are your expectations for this debut in London?

This debut is being awaited for with great curiosity and enthusiasm. Similarly to our May 2018 edition, when we announced our show’s new course and a repositioning involving, in addition to pure denim insiders, also fashion brands and designers, also this London edition means a lot to us as this city is a fashion capital, and the UK is an influential country for its appreciated fashion brands and for being an epicentre for spreading trends.

Moreover, we are noticing that our choices are started being understood and accepted by the market. We felt this clearly as we feel a very positive pressure on our shoulders. For instance, as we are now preparing the new Denim PV location with our own very special touch, feel that the whole neighborhood – even when there is rain – is truly interesting and pervaded by a very interesting and unique atmosphere, perfect for working and being inspired. Be it for its subcultures, graffiti art murals, architecture and red-brick buildings, but also for its many cool fashion shops, art galleries and cafès, all this builds up a highly inspiring atmosphere.

Insiders can feel we are keeping faith to our promises. They can find great coherence in our strategy as we are always bringing our exhibitors where they can make true business. Though we are not interested in moving to places where they can simply party or look for exotic locations, as we choose to remain a true trade show for the denim and fashion world.

Denim PV Campaign
Photo: Denim PV
Denim PV Campaign

How many exhibitors will it host?

We have reached a total of 87 exhibitors and won’t host more than these. Such an amount of international exhibitors - from 16 different countries - is a good sign and shows that insiders believe in us. Plus they have increased 10% when compared with our November 2017 edition when they were 80, and 20% more when compared with May 2018 when they were 73.

What novelties will the show present?

Our aim is to focus on the aspects we feel are important for the market. We are a B2B event and clearly want to remain such. We have chosen to continue concentrating on two main themes we feel especially important for the industry – fashion trends and sustainability – though we want to approach them always differently. For this edition we will present workshops that were not presented before and always focus on aspects that can be useful for the industry.

Each day the show will concentrate on a specific topic. On day 1, on 5th December, it will host speeches and round tables on fashion trends, as, for instance, a special talk with UK designer duo Marques’ Almeida, and two seminars on f/w 2020/2021 held by PV equipes - trends continue to play an important part in our offer as that is an aspect we are strong for.

Host speeches, round tables and workshops will be still important tools of Denim PV.
Photo: Denim PV
Host speeches, round tables and workshops will be still important tools of Denim PV.

As part of this day’s program, denim expert Lucia Rosin will analyse how outfits will evolve, while Sue Barrett, denim trend specialist, will present her vision of street trends.

During the whole day 2, on 6th December, eco-responsible denim and smart creation will be protagonists. Seven Smart Talks will take place and will involve personalities like Stefano Aldighieri (Arvind), Razvan Popescu (Directa Plus), Enrico Forin (Advance Denim), François Souchet  (Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation), Tricia Carey (Lenzing), Sedef Uncu Aki (Orta), Bethany Williams (Bethany WIlliams) and Barbara Guarducci (San Patrignano’s Textile Division), but also managers from brands committed to environmental issues like Patagonia and Mud Jeans.

Many players of the productive value chain want to speak about ecofriendly topics. Our aim is to involve and inspire visitors, exhibitors, producers and creatives and make them become part of a constant running dialogue.

As ecofriendlyness remains a key aspect for our show, we will also host the Smart Library area disclosing the latest innovations in responsible denim, and the Smart Wardrobe area presenting some of most keen ecofriendly brands’ denim out fits. Among them we will host Mud Jeans, Pepe Jeans London and Eileen Fisher.

Throughout the two days four theoretical and practical workshops will take place, too. They will be moderated by denim expert Mohsin Sajid and will actually present how a denim item is produced - from the initial idea to its realisation.

What about being in London? Will you also organize events in the city?

At the end of the first day we will hold a party as we want to create an occasion for sharing experiences and values, while living a convivial moment among participants.

Thanks to a collaboration with Shoreditch district, local stores and galleries will stay open for longer for the evening of 6th December, while from December 2nd to 9th, visitors and exhibitors will enjoy exclusive discounts in 20 stores of this area by simply presenting their show badge.

For that whole week Denim PV will “occupy” the entire district. Shoreditch will “get dressed” in blue and will involve visitors with events, gifts and discounts.

What are denim insiders most looking for now?

We have noticed that seasonsal innovation cycles have become always shorter and time to market has become always shorter. Denim insiders feel clearly that if in the past it took 5-6 months before some innovation was launched in the market now that time has become much shorter. though, only those who can adapt themselves and evolve can survive. As we are conscious about this, we know that we also have to ride the wave, follow this constantly evolving flow and offer our exhibitors and visitors services that can help them keeping this pace.

And what about trends? Will blue rule again?

This market is evolving in more directions and, will not only offer pure indigo blue only, but also other hues, such as, more fashion-minded products and hues as the model dressed in white denim we featured in our next edition’s banner. As on her background you see a London landscape, this market will also offer more white, red and blue - as UK’s Union Jack flag.


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