Tristate Holdings has appointed Lorenzo Osti as president of C.P. Company.

Osti, former marketing manager and son of Massimo Osti, the visionary mind and founder of the iconic sportswear brand, joined Tristate Holdings in 2015 when it acquired the label and relaunched it.

Osti will report directly to Pete Wang, CEO of Tristate Holdings.


We asked Osti what projects will guide the future of C.P. Company under his guidance.


Regarding upcoming projects, the main focus is the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour Project.
Photo: C. P. Company
Regarding upcoming projects, the main focus is the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour Project.

What are your next projects in this new position for promoting and helping C.P. Company to grow globally?

Regarding upcoming projects, the main focus is the C.P. Company Bespoke Colour Project ( which is about the possibility to have a garment dyed in a client’s favorite color and which has positioned C.P. Company as the first apparel brand capable of creating custom-dyed products. It represents the peak of our expertise and commitment into garment dyeing.

I’m also working to redesign our approach to the consumer. We have a very loyal consumer base that never stopped supporting the brand for almost 50 years, passing this passion from father to son. We want to show them our gratitude, making them feel part of the family.

In terms of engaging new consumer generations, we are launching in these days a new co-lab with Patta, the Amsterdam-based streetwear brand. The idea of a Dutch streetwear brand like Patta, working together with a brand like C.P. Company, which has long been at the forefront of innovation in sportswear, is a sign of the times. 

Other innovative initiatives will be launched in the next months.


Which channels will you focus on? How many doors is the brand sold in now and how many does it want to reach in the next four/five years?

We had a strong growth in the recent years and now working with around 900 doors worldwide. We don’t want to expand it any further in terms of number of doors. Now it’s time to consolidate the relationship with our existing clients.


Are you aiming to open more monobrand stores? How many are there now and how many will you open?

I just started in this position and one of my priorities is to review the retail plan for the upcoming years. Of course, direct retail in key locations in Europe is in our short and mid-term plans, but I’m very interested in exploring innovative direct retail models.


Which are the key markets for the brand now? Where does it want to expand next and how?

Italy, the UK, Benelux and France are our first markets, but we are experiencing a strong brand demand also from Eastern Europe and Asia, where we are having a significant growth.

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