Times are hard for classic denim brands. Cross Jeans is also aware of this and has come up with a new strategy. Its boss Ersin Binicioglu explains what this entails.

Cross Jeans has realigned its strategy. What will the label stand for in the future?
Cross Jeans stands for tradition and denim expertise. The reorientation of the entire brand identity was the first step in converting from a classic denim label to a lifestyle brand with denim in its heart. The spring/summer 2019 collection reflects this development with young, modern looks. In addition to the NOS collection, Cross Jeans also wants to stand for the latest fashion trends. With targeted capsule collections, we will be able to respond quickly to new trends in the future and provide our customers with the right looks.

Ersin Binicioglu, head of Cross Jeans
Photo: Michael Mann
Ersin Binicioglu, head of Cross Jeans

What do retailers get with Cross Jeans that they do not get with other comparable brands?
We offer our retailers a comprehensive NOS assortment. We continuously analyze our portfolio and respond to consumer behavior. This includes looking at how each jeans model is performing. In addition to important key data such as demand, sales and returns quota, product management also takes into account the further development of products and adapting the portfolio to reflect current trends. As a result we can guarantee retailers a strong NOS collection, which is designed according to the wishes of consumers.
In addition, Cross Jeans stands for speed. We deliver within 48 hours. The delivery rate is over 90% in the B2B sector, and our dealers benefit from this. Close and collaborative relationships with our partners and personalized care create the best possible results for our retailers.

What aspects do you feel are currently driving the restructuring of the fashion and denim market?
The restructuring of the fashion market is reflected above all in the digitalization of brands. This way the expansion of e-commerce is becoming increasingly important, in both the B2C and the B2B sectors. Online trading has become the most important tool for our own brand presentation and the image of the brand. Thus, a connection to the largest and most important retail platforms in the fashion segment is an important step for Cross Jeans. The existing reach achieved by Zalando, Amazon and Otto is an essential factor in increasing consumer awareness. Using the various retail platforms, we can reach new target groups and place our products in a more targeted manner.


What does digital strategy mean specifically for Cross Jeans?
The relaunch of the international B2C and B2B shops laid the groundwork for our new digital strategy. With the technical expansion of the B2C platform and the connection to various online marketing tools, we are enabling a more modern shopping experience for consumers. The expansion of our own homepage content allows customers to get to know and experience our brand and its products. The shopping experience will be constantly improved.
With the launch of the B2B platform, we have digitized and simplified the order processes for dealers both internally and externally. In addition, new communication measures will be introduced in the B2B area, such as newsletter mailings and sales campaigns. Cooperation with important e-retailers is also being planned. But we are not disclosing any information about this yet.

What is the market share for the brand’s own online shop?
The Cross Jeans online shop has a market share of approximately 5% of total sales. Next year, this share should increase to 10%.

Cross Jeans womenswear s/s '19
Photo: Cross Jeans
Cross Jeans womenswear s/s '19

The reorientation also includes the expansion of collections in the product groups. What does that mean specifically?
The s/s 2019 collection will comprise a total of about 200 articles. The focus will be on the styles that perform strongly, the core competence of Cross Jeans–denim. In other words, the assortment will not be enlarged in the first step; instead it will be focused more. With the realignment as a lifestyle brand, the outerwear segment has become more important to us. In addition to jersey shirts and denim jackets, we are expanding the portfolio with new fits in womenswear.

Will the fashion category shift, too, and if so, to what extent?
Yes, the fashion category will change. By developing complete collection themes, wearing and combining complete looks will be made possible in the future. The capsule collections between the two main collections will offer a quick response to up and coming trends.

How often will these capsule collections appear and how extensive will they be?
The capsule collections will act as an extension of the main collections. They will be linked to existing collection concepts and consist of about 10 to 15 pieces. We are planning two main collections and two complementary capsule collections per year, which will be in the same price segment as the main collections. Delivery dates for spring/summer are between January and February, for fall/winter between July and August. The capsule collections will be available on the market one to two months later.

Currently, the world economy, especially in Turkey, is facing a headwind–how is this impacting sourcing at Cross Jeans? 
Cross Jeans has a producer backing it as its parent company in Turkey. Our own factories and production facilities ensure that Cross Jeans is not affected by the political situation. The price level will also remain unchanged for the time being and is between €59.95 and €69.95.

According to Cross Jeans, the company supplies around 700 B2B customers throughout Europe, with a focus on Germany and Poland. How will you gain the interest of consumers with your new image and content?
In the B2C area, we will focus on targeted onsite campaigns with sales campaigns, product launches and, at the start of the season, 360° campaigns for consumers. In the future we will additionally place a greater focus on social media and influencer marketing in conjunction with targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns.
At the POS, the integration of our B2B partners into out-of-home campaigns will be in the foreground. With partner-oriented campaigns in the retail sector, new content brochures and retail POS outlets, this area will also be further expanded and improved.


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