Ente Moda Italia is gearing up for Brazil’s “Italian Year” in January 2011 and a special exhibit at the Sao Paulo Prêt à Porter event.

Sao Paulo Prêt à Porter is a trade show featuring men’s and women’s fashions. It will be part of Brazil’s fashion calendar and held concurrently with Couromoda and Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

For this first edition, the Italian fashion promotional associations Ente Moda Italia and Sistema Moda Italia will launch a new project for Italian exhibitors to facilitate their participation and to promote Italian-made products in the Brazilian market and South America.

Brazil is a strategic market for the Italian fashion system. “Among the emerging markets in the so-called BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) group,” said Gianfranco Di Natale, general manager of Sistema Moda Italia, “Brazil and the entire Mercosur area that includes Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, are without a doubt one of the most tempting areas for ‘made in Italy’ [products]. There is a strong, well-structured distribution system where our goods have excellent possibilities for success. And, in this scenario, Sao Paulo is the hub for all of the most important fashion business dealings and activities.”

EMI (Ente Moda Italia) was established in 1983 by Sistema Moda Italia and Centro per la Moda Italiana to promote, expand and regulate Made in Italy items worldwide. Within the context of its mission, EMI organizes and arranges the participation of qualified Italian fashion brands at major world trade shows such as CPM (Collection Premiere) in Moscow, Fashion Coterie in New York, the Kiev Fashion Festival (Ukraine), the CPD Düsseldorf (Germany) and, as of January 2011, Sao Paulo Pret-à-Porter (Brazil).

—Maria Cristina Pavarini