From a local Mönchengladbach pants manufacturer to one of Europe’s denim big players - this requires someone with a vision: like Rolf Walendy. Due to his passion he made the German brand Alberto what it is today. A company with an annual turnover of 42 million euros, 600 stores in 56 countries and an export rate of 56%. And counting.

But even a company like Alberto and its founder Rolf Walendy come from humble beginnings. After returning from the front in World War II, Walendy starts out in the pants factory of his father-in-law, Dr. Albert Dormanns, and ensures a sustainable growth of the company with smart business decisions. After Dormanns’ passing in 1968, Rolf Walendy’s wife inherits the company and names him managing director. Soon after, Walendy’s son Georg takes a position in the company and together they create what will soon be known as the Alberto staple. Well-fitting pants for men.

And that first-time under a brand name: Alberto. The name, an homage to founder Dr. Albert Dormanns. What made the brand unique was the use of innovative young cuts and a new interpretation of patterns. This way, Alberto soon made waves far off from where the brand started out. In the 80s, a time, where everything had to be “Italy like”, Alberto stood out as a pants-specialist, and the slightly Italian sounding brand name sure didn’t hurt.

In the 90s, Rolf Walendy decided to pass on his life’s work to his son Georg and withdrew from the company: “I knew that the company was in good hands with Georg, and I am happy that he took this challenge.”

Today, the company is managed by Georg Walendy and managing directors Marco Lanowy (retail, sales and marketing) and Jürgen Schmiedel (human resources and finances). With Anna and Philipp Walendy, even the next generation is already taking part in the family business. Anna designs for the new womenswear collection Alberto Woman and Philipp is in the position of production manager for ADenim. Therefore, the future of Alberto is assured.

Celebrating his 90s, Rolf Walendy looks back on a great and successful career: “Life is too short to do things you don’t want to do.”