“We have made a significant step forward; now, we belong to the premium sector”, says head of Gang, Roberto Chini, proud of the opportunity to present the Gang collections on fairs such as the Premium in Berlin. The Kolbermoor-based specialist for trousers is already part of the business for decades. However, the business environment has changed dramatically by now: “In Europe, the situation is difficult, the price of the Russian Rubel declined significantly, even the French market is challenging”, says Chini. Markets become more and more sensitive, especially in terms of price and quality. And corporations like Zara and Primark, who Chini holds in high regard, will never again disappear from the market tableau. “Thus, we have to push ourselves, e.g. with our significant investments in quality”.

Gang’s advantages: “We are very stylish, fast, and offer good service to our wholesale customers”, which they would obviously appreciate. “Here, we have found our niche”. It seems to be the right one, because “things are looking up continuously”, mentions Chini – without telling exact numbers. Former customers would return to Gang, and new ones were gained. “We have a good reputation, are straightforward, we want to stay sound and to grow solidly”. In the long term, Chini expects to gain 650 customers.

For three years, Gang also operates an online store, which is supposed to be important for branding purposes. The respective portion of the overall turnover would be a low, two-digit percentage and is intentionally kept on this low level: “We do not want to be a business rival to the retailers; thus, we act there without any aggressive marketing”.