From 25 to 28 July, the forthcoming edition of trade show Gallery, held over the CPD order weekend, will present itself with an extended exhibitor portfolio as well as an enlarged exhibition space and an additional location.
In addition to the “Botschaft” and the “Red Carpet” segment at the Hilton Hotel, the “Hammer Hallen”, located in Düsseldorf’s harbor, has also been rented to provide space for new exhibitors. Ulrike Kähler, Project Director National Trade Shows of Igedo Company: “With this extension, we are responding to the high number of requests for exhibition spaces, after the cancellation of Premium Order's Düsseldorf edition.” Premium Order Düsseldorf presented about 400 collections on 3,000 sqm.

In the future, Igedo Company will strengthen Düsseldorf as a home base and will leave Berlin. Since the “Opernwerkstätten” in Berlin will no longer be available for future events, the Igedo Company decided to focus on Düsseldorf as a location. Another innovation will be the integration of the childrenswear segment into the order portfolio end of July. Philipp Kronen, Managing Partner of Igedo Company: “By enlarging our home base we are strengthening Düsseldorf as a location.”