Italian specialized high-performance nylon and coated yarn manufacturer Fulgar is pushing innovation ahead and recently launched a series of innovative fibers.

Their newest product is Space 3.0, a special fiber made up of three different yarns – and not of two as usual melange jerseys and knits. When the yarns are dyed they create special melange effects obtained by using a unique controlled and continuous one-step process. This fiber can be used for fashion apparel and sportswear as well as for circular knitwear, hosiery and seamless clothing.

Other newborn fibers include Nanofiber, Q-Skin and Q-Nova. Nanofiber is an innovative yarn composed by 7-micron thick filaments that can be employed for very soft hand and silky-looking items that maintain the same comfortable stretch and hard-wearing properties of nylon.

Also new is Fulgar’s Q-Skin, a microfiber devised for underwear with anti-bacterial and skin-care properties while guaranteeing the wearer breathability, freshness, hygiene and comfort.

Q-Nova is a polyamide 6.6 microfiber made from 99% recycled materials. It responds to traceability criteria since it aims at reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption while employing energy from renewable sources.

“We produce 35 million tons of nylon 6.6 fiber per year,” commented Alan Garosi, co-owner and marketing manager, Fulgar. “Ninetyeight percent of what we produce are first choice high-quality fibers. We are an international leader in the synthetic fiber market for quality, distribution and service thanks to our past experience updated according to the present market needs and our ability to constantly innovate our offer and produce fibers according to specific clients’ requests.”

Fulgar fiber reels
Fulgar fiber reels
Fulgar produces polyamide 6.6 and coated elastomers in the textile and technical sector. It was founded in the 1970s at Castel Goffredo (Mantova) in the heart of Italy's hosiery district, and now boasts to be Europe's largest nylon 6.6 yarn factory. They also opened new production centers in Sri Lanka in 2003 and Serbia in 2007. They are also present in Turkey with their own distributor FFT.

Fulgar is present in all textile sectors (hosiery, circular knits, corsetry, swimming and sport), with high-quality products, most of whose are produced in Italy, and in the last five years they invested over €80 million in R&D. Since 2009 they also manage the exclusive distribution of some Invista Lycra fiber brands in Europe and Turkey. Since 2012 they are also exclusive distributor and producer of Emana fiber, owned by the Rhodia-Solvay Group, for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Fulgar employs 870 people worldwide and closed 2014 with €235 million sales which are expected to remain stable for 2015, as in 2013. Out of their total sales 42% come from foreign markets.