Crescent Bahümán Limited (CBL), a 25-year-old denim fabric and garment manufacturer from Pakistan, is focused on a series of new projects aiming to face the present moment, while staying true to its belief that man, nature and industry can coexist. Among CBL’s newest strategies there is also a newly signed collaboration with Blue Hands, an Italian consulting company founded by expert denim insiders Giovanni and Andrea Petrin.

From left: Giovanni Petrin and Andrea Petrin co-founders Blue Hands
Photo: Blue Hands
From left: Giovanni Petrin and Andrea Petrin co-founders Blue Hands
CBL was set up in 1994 and since its early days its vision was to spark a social and economic change by bringing employment in a remote area in Pakistan. It started by converting 500 acres of marshland into a lively and self-sufficient ecosystem achieved by avoiding water wastage, saving soil, plants and wildlife, pursuing pesticide-free agriculture and cutting dependence on fossil fuels. The company’s productive site now houses more than 3,000 residents on site and provides green areas hosting 825,000 trees, alternative energy sources, nonprofit food and schooling for over 1,500 children per year.


CBL is further engaged in exclusive partnerships with the largest universities of Textile and Agriculture in Pakistan, participate in various projects including the legalization of indigenous hemp for use in textiles and engaged in engineering fabrics with 99.5% less water in the dyeing process certified by a third party.


The company produces one million jeans per month and 1.5 million meters of denim fabric. It mostly uses BCI and organic cotton, while it also utilizes industrial and post consumer waste in its processes. It has been partner with Levi Strauss for 23 years and most recently produced its premium Made & Crafted line. It has also produced for key jeans brands including Mustang, Varner Group, Diesel and Express. It collaborated a series of projects with Jeans School in Amsterdam and is a member of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation's Jeans Redesign project.


While recently facing problems connected to Covid-19 and the resulting global lockdown, the company reacted positively to the situation. Rizwan Shafi, managing director of Crescent Bahümán explained: “Although we had to remain closed for the 25 days requested by the Government, generally speaking we fared well. We had to accept some changed condition terms with certain customer due to Covid and we lost around 20% of our capacity, though we are happy that we have managed to recover. We are operating now on 100% of our capacity and should be back to optimum capacity by December this year.”

Rizwan Shafi from CBL
Photo: CBL
Rizwan Shafi from CBL
To recover fully and face the present situation the company started following some specific strategies: “We are working towards greater transparency and agility which we feel will enhance predictability of our business,” continued Shafi. “Our focus has been on rebuilding on our strength which has been our people since the beginning of our business. In fact, through its 25 years of life CBL has contributed building over 100,000 careers tied to the denim industry in Pakistan and abroad.”

He continued: “We are also undergoing a digital transformation in our organization that will see quite a few of our processes becoming automated together with machinery upgrading.” As part of this whole process CBL also signed a partnership with Blue Hands. “Our collaboration with Blue Hands will help us achieving a higher level of trend forecasting along with capacity enhancement through automation,” added Shafi.


Blue Hands, founded in 2014, is a consulting company operating in the sector of textiles and denim. Co-founder Giovanni Petrin is an insider of the denim industry since the mid-’70s when he collaborated for giants such as Fiorucci, Goldie, Replay, UFO and Americanino and worked for top players of the market such as Adriano Goldschmied, Renzo Rosso and Marteli Lavorazioni Tessili, though previously he had already worked for CBL. Giovanni’s son has also worked for key players of the industry for the last 14 years such as Martelli, Arvind, CBL and various garment manufacturers. “Thanks to our extensive joint expertise we can offer a vast array of services from sample making to collection’s production, though also support CBL in trade shows and technology know-how,” commented Giovanni and Andrea Petrin.


“Blue Hands, among other tasks, is specialized in setting up industrial, sales and marketing strategies. It can manage R&D and bulk production departments though also maximize efficiency and productivity, while it can support companies in finding new technologies and sustainable products. We can identify new trend and treatment directions, set strategic research and development of garments presentations while focusing on digital media collections,” they added.