During the upcoming edition of Denim Première Vision (November 2-3) happening back in Paris at its new location the Paris Event Center the trade show and SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL collaborate for an initiative called "Share & Shake - The Denim Sessions".

These sessions are meant as interactive gatherings to bring together exhibitors and visitors of the show with experts of the (denim) industry on stage to experience and exchange about new strategies and ideas on how to improve the denim business. Denim Première Vision and SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL will host the four sessions together to present an overview of the key topics in the denim industry:

"Beyond Stretch - the composition of the perfect denim"
A rundown of the latest innovations in fibers, technologies & treatments.

new initiative "Share & Shake - The Denim Sessions"
Photo: Denim Première Vision
new initiative "Share & Shake - The Denim Sessions"

"...and in the end what does Generation Z expect?" 
Learning about the young consumer: what is important for Millennials when it comes to their jeans?

"Smart creations - experience the unknown and unexpected facets of denim"
Liquid repellency, vegan, recycled, breathable, extra-resistant-denim (and other fabrics) can serve many more purposes than meet the eye. And what makes a textile "smart" after all?

 "Winning ideas for denim branding"
The jeans mid-market faces new challenges-what can be done to strengthen brands in this sector?

Further details regarding the speakers will be announced within the next weeks.

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