Turkish denim mill Orta unveiled its current collection of fabrics at its showroom in New York City’s East Village last week by presenting a one-off capsule of clothing using it and designed by Douglass Gunn and Roy Luckett of London’s Vintage Showroom, one of the world’s best archives of vintage pieces.

Called “Future Hunter Gather,” the small assortment of garments has an apocalyptic feel and reinterprets utilitarian, military and tribal items including pants and jackets with numerous utility pockets and a denim hood that looks like it came right off the set of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” The items are made entirely from Orta fabrics that include a superstretch sateen Tencel blend denim to a 4 oz natural chambray.

The limited, strictly promotional clothing collection will not be produced for sale but will be on view in the various Orta showrooms around the world to serve as inspiration for Orta’s clients.

It is not the first time that Orta has worked with the Vintage Showroom to produce pieces but Gunn told Sportswear International at the event, “This is my favorite one yet.”

Orta will show its newest collection of denims at the BPD Expo fabric show in midtown next week on June 22 and 23.