Invista has recently developed a special Lycra Sport patented measuring system through which they can scientifically evaluate properties of sports fabrics employing their technology.


“We humbly feel that this new technology will bring a revolution in the sports apparel and, as a consequence, also in the apparel market,” commented Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, director EMEA activewear/outdoor apparel, Invista. “This certification can measure three values of a fabric: power, which stands for the fabric’s compressive force; comfort, conveying the sensation that the fabric is behaving like a second skin; and energy, transmitting how much energy a fabric is absorbing from the wearer when playing a specific sport,” continues Whitmarsh-Knight.


Monreal London
Photo: Eurojersey
Monreal London

Following long tests measuring elongation, fit and recovery, Lycra Sport certification fabrics can satisfy strict quality standards and precise support required by professional athletes and active sports users. 


“Such different parameters can vary when producing a specific fabric according to different use, target and single fabric manufacturer’s and brand’s requests,” adds Whitmarsh-Knight.


Hi-tech fabric manufacturer Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey has developed the new Sensitive Sculpt highly functional material that employs 41% Lycra certified according to Lycra Sport measurement. Monreal London, UK women’s premium chic and cool activewear brand, has recently started employing Sensitive Sculpt fabrics for a series of garments made for yoga, pilates and similar activities.

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