Italian start-up AB Tech Lab srl has developed a new productive technique able to transform carbon fiber into the first 100% carbon-fiber woven registered fabric–AB Carbon Tex. The new application was achieved by Alessandro Bergamini, co-founder, after seven years of testing this new fabric that has anti-bacterial, anti-static, fireproof, thermoregulating, waterproof, breathable and tear- and abrasion-resistant properties, among others.

The existing carbon-fiber fabrics produced until now use a maximum 15% of carbon microparticles applied onto a different fabric. Differently, AB Carbon Tex is made with 100% carbon fiber woven on a loom. The fabric can be offered in different weave motifs, including custom-made ones also carrying woven logos or brands’ iconic elements.

The new fabric has immediately drawn the attention of different market segments including fashion, sportswear, interior and exterior design, along with applications in the medical and IOT fields.

Denim made of Carbon fiber
Photo: AB Tech Lab
Denim made of Carbon fiber
AB Tech Lab is also developing a special denim fabric made with 80% carbon fiber and 20% indigo-dyed cotton. “It’s possible to produce carbon-yarns as carbon has a 6-atoms structure, therefore its chemical ties is stronger. Differently, graphene is made of a single-atom molecule and can be used only as coating or added to fibers or surfaces, but not for yarns,” explained Bergamini. “Though in the future we will also develop new fabrics that use graphene, too, as we want to enlarge our offer of carbon-based textiles.”

Both the 100% carbon fabric and the new generation denim will be officially launched for September 2020 Milan Fashion Week, while the company has already started collaborations with important companies in the automotive and high-end fashion markets.

AB Tech Lab is supported by two more partners and co-founders–Marco Rastelli, who is responsible for product development and the supply chain, and Lorenzo Fasano, who manages the fabric’s sales development and licensing agreements.