Silvia Rancani, an expert insider of the jeanswear and denim industry, has recently opened her new collective hub The Denim Window in Amsterdam. The studio debuted by hosting an event organized by Denim Première Vision. SI has asked her about her new project.


You have recently hosted an event in collaboration with Denim PV. Was that your studio’s debut in the denim and fashion world?

The Denim Window project started only a month ago, in October 2018 and it will be ready to roll from beginning of January 2019. As next Denim PV will take place in London, on December 5-6, and its organizers wanted to organize a get-together with Amsterdam denim insiders. Once they saw The Denim Window they loved its atmosphere and concept. For this reason we decided to hold an event that could help promote their show and my studio at the same time.

Silvia Rancani, founder of The Denim Window
Photo: The Denim Window
Silvia Rancani, founder of The Denim Window

What are the aims of your project?

I want to create a meeting place where manufacturers and designers can connect and collaborate. My studio aims to host selected premium companies presenting their great, innovative and sustainable products all year-round in a cozy environment.

By visiting The Denim Window insiders will have the opportunity to get in touch with all companies involved in creating jeans and treating garments. I want to offer a 360-degree denim experience that involves fabric mills, though also garment, chemical, fiber and trimming manufacturers.

Each company displayed at The Denim Window will be the only one of that specific product category and geographic area in order to do not cause competition inside my showroom and–possibly–only generate great collaborations. I’m pretty amazed from the great response I have already received in such a short timespan as great names such as Garmon, Invista, Berto, PG Denim, M&J Group have already joined my project.


To whom is it addressed?

Designers, product developers, fashion students, denim lovers, private labels and emerging talents are all invited. The Denim Window is addressed to whoever is looking for what’s new in denim and the garment treating sector. I think that–in addition to denim–any other garment category can be treated like jeans as, for instance, outerwear or knitwear.

The studio aims to host selected premium companies presenting their products all year-round in a cozy environment.
Photo: The Denim Window
The studio aims to host selected premium companies presenting their products all year-round in a cozy environment.

How will you meet your clients?

I will receive them by appointment, though I will also organize four collective collection presentations per year within events and collaborations.

Why did you choose Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is at the heart of the European denim market right now, as many denim brands have placed their headquarters here and Kingpins Amsterdam is very successful. Moreover, Amsterdam can be easy reached from various European cities and many designers often make their research trips here.


What are you previous work experiences?

I was born and raised in Italy where I have studied fashion design. After an internship at Freshtex, I have worked for brands such as Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger though also for garment makers and fabric mills in China, Pakistan, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Italy and the Netherlands and gained expertise in garment manufacturing, treating and technology fields. Now, I gathered together all of my relationships and knowledge in The Denim Window by involving all of the designers and manufacturers I love to work with.

What do you see in the future development of the jeanswear market?

I hope to see a natural selection that privileges quality against quantity. I hope the market will host less brands but more different from each other and smaller, though more interesting, collections. I wish we had less overproduction and more transparency throughout the production chain. It would be great if the market focused on products that stand out and last longer, and are made with love and passion. This for me is the simple answer how to achieve sustainability in fashion.