For f/w 2017/2018 the Italian outerwear and sportswear brand Blauer is starting a new course aimed at a more international distribution.


“We have some new clear goals in mind that are already proving to be successful,” commented Enzo Fusco, owner FGF Industry, the company behind the Blauer collection sold through fashion-focused department stores and boutiques. “We have redesigned the collection focusing on cleaner and more sophisticated products, higher quality materials, including a smaller single logo on our pieces,” commented Fusco. “We compacted the collection on fewer items while also started offering a selection of knitwear and trousers as part of a whole Blauer world. For this, we also recently started offering a line of shoes and one of glasses and, starting from f/w 2017/2018, a line of bags produced under a licensing agreement with Principe. By February/March we will launch a fragrance and also plan to start our Blauer watch line very soon.”


“All these steps are aimed at building a complete brand selection with a clear identity as my aim is the global notoriousness of the brand,” he continues explaining that they will now further expand in international markets thanks to new agreements signed with the aim of distributing the brand in the US, Korea, Japan, Scandinavian countries and France.


Fall/Winter 17
Photo: Blauer
Fall/Winter 17

They participated in Premium in Berlin as Germany is one of their key markets where they are sold through 300 doors, and also exhibited in Modefabriek. They started distributing to the US through prestigious departments stores.

At present Blauer is selling to about 1,500 doors (including Italy and foreign countries) and aims to reach about 2,500 doors by 2019.

In 2016 they registered €40 million revenues (without counting what they earned through licensed products), a significant result as it is 19% more than in 2015. By end 2017, they expect to grow a further 20-25% and expect to earn €10 million from licensed products only.