For Aeronautica, 2017 will mark the year of expansion. The Italian sportswear brand wants to grow internationally. The beginning of the expansion path is marked by the opening of the new showroom in the heart of Milan's fashion district, where the entire brand world is displayed, including all Aeronautica Militare collections, the two capsule collections "Reparto Sperimentale Volo" and the recently launched and selectively distributed "Accademia Militare".

In recent years, the brand already opened new points of sale and brand stores in Europe, and this year the brand will continue opening further stores in Northern Europe and Italy. Three new stores are also planned in Moscow. In addition, the expansion of the Chinese market is on the agenda, as well as South Africa, where a second brand store was recently opened. Also in Hong Kong, Japan and all CIS states the brand wants to gain a foothold: the first step has already been made in Vilnius with a new POS.

The budget for the numerous openings of POS, monobrand stores and showrooms, has not been confirmed, according to a company spokesman, however, a large part of the available budget is pumped into the expansion of the distribution network.