Finally it’s here: the first 'real' issue of The SPIN OFF – The international fashion magazine for contemporary essentials, progressive products and real style.

After the relaunch of the website and the drop of the e-paper teaser in January, the printed issueof The SPIN Off is released today, and we couldn't be more excited to introduce our new product to you.

It’s certainly not the easiest time to launch
 a new magazine. We’re doing it anyway.
 Or maybe because of it.

Just as everything around us is changing and developing, in
 the last 12 months more and faster than ever, so are we. And an ever-changing fashion world needs a new medium.
It needs The SPIN OFF.

The SPIN OFF puts sustainability at the center of attention because it is the most pressing challenge of our times. We report progressively about concepts, brands, trends and products that are sustainable. But we do it in a new way and in a modern visual language.

We see the bigger picture and understand sustainability as a topic with many facets affecting the fashion industry as well as consumer trends: It’s about the desire to discover nature and the outdoors, the passion for quality, the finest fabrics, tradition and craftsmanship, the urge to care for the body and well-being, the revival of vintage and preloved fashion, the innovations around recycling and upcycling, and the opportunities that new technologies and intelligent materials, fabrics and fibers offer.

We give a voice to the influencers and masterminds, to the designers and retailers, to the entrepreneurs and developers that have the biggest impact on this modern sustainable “lifestyle” that affects all of us.

Though we know that not every brand that declares itself sustainable is sustainable, we take everyone on the journey–not just the pioneers, but also those whose sustainable journey has just begun.

The SPIN OFF–as a title in its own right–is an integral part of TextilWirtschaft within dfv Media Group and expands its B2B fashion portfolio.
But more than that, it shows the foresight and courage of our publishing house to launch this ambitious project right now.

Look forward to much more of The SPIN OFF with three issues to follow during 2021, in June, August and October, daily content on and our social media channels.

So–once again–please welcome The SPIN OFF.
Modern. Matters.

Sabine Kühnl
Executive Editor

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Editor’s Note

Welcome The SPIN OFF!

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Editor's Note


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