It caused quite a stir when we talked about the “Last Issue” of SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL in the Editor's Letter of our latest magazine. Even though it was already about the evolution of SI back then, there were still fears by our readers that after 45 (!) intensive years as the mouthpiece of the denim and sportswear community, it would be the end of SI. But far from it!

As we promised: The fashion show goes on! Only different, better–and much more progressive!


Photo: The SPIN OFF
The international fashion magazine for contemporary essentials, progressive products and real style.

What is it all about and why a change?
Because just as everything around us is changing, currently more and faster than ever, so are we. And an ever-changing world needs a new medium. It needs The SPIN OFF.

The SPIN OFF sees the bigger picture and puts sustainability at the center of attention because it is the most pressing challenge of our times.

The SPIN OFF reports comprehensively and progressively about concepts, brands, trends and products that are sustainable.

We understand sustainability as a topic with many facets affecting the fashion industry as well as consumer fashion trends: it’s about the desire to discover nature and the outdoors, the passion for quality, the finest fabrics, tradition and craftsmanship, the urge to care for your health, well-being and body through sports, the revival of vintage and pre-loved fashion, the innovations around recycling and upcycling, and also the opportunities that new technologies and intelligent fabrics and fibers offer.

Last but not least we will give a voice to the influencers and pioneers, to the designers and retailers, to the entrepreneurs and developers that have the biggest impact on this modern sustainable lifestyle that affects all of us.
This is the universe of The SPIN OFF.

Within this orbit The SPIN OFF serves as a visual trend book for brands of the international fashion community. With its Europewide distribution and through its print and digital channels The SPIN OFF addresses a B2B readership of fashion professionals, buyers, retailers and designers.

The SPIN OFF is–as a title in its own right–an integral part of the TextilWirtschaft family within dfv Media Group and expands the existing B2B fashion portfolio. In managerial terms, one would speak of “using common synergies,” but it is much more emotional: 'We are Family'!
And we are proud to be a part of this family: Because with its various B2B media brands, dfv Media Group has the highest level of expertise to respond to current issues with this new media offering.

The first printed issue of The SPIN OFF will be published March 18; three more issues will follow during 2021, in June, August and October.
Our new website will go live in three weeks from now and will feature an e-teaser of the magazine to-come.

(...And for those who mourn the name SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL: a little bit of it can be found with the first four letters in SPIN OFF...)

So please welcome:

Photo: The SPIN OFF

Feel free to send me an email with your comments and questions to
Hope to speak and see you all soon again!

Sabine Kühnl
Managing Editor