From 9 June 2014,, the online version of the trade shows, organized by Pitti Immagine, will be completely restyled in graphics, contents and functions.

The website, presenting the digital editions of Pitti Uomo 85, Pitti W 13, Pitti Bimbo 78 and Pitti Filati 74, has recently registered over 100.000 visits and more than 440.000 viewed pages. These results show a significant increase in traffic from 100 different countries, compared to June 2013 (+79% in total).

The highest number of visitors came from Italy followed by Japan, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, South Korea, France, Great Britain, Russia and the US. The platform also registered growing visits from Brazil, China and Hong Kong.

The online platform of the trade shows is hosting 1.300 brands, showcasing 7.800 products. For every season, the productive machine of FieraDigitale - provider of the platform – involves a team of 110 young professionals, who take 60.000 shots and 1.000 interactive videos with the aim to offer users the greatest vision of future trends.

“Also in trade shows, business digital, represents the major evolution frontier thanks to the possibility to make traditional trade shows happen live without any restriction,” commented Francesco Bottigliero, CEO, FieraDigitale. “The online dimension represents a significant opportunity for insiders in terms of professional business expansion and business growth.”