Dyneema, one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers is now also being used for a very sturdy and resistant single-layer denim. The new denim debuted for Why by Kingpins in Amsterdam.

Dyneema Denim is seven time more abrasion resistant, durable and tear resistant than normal jeans, though as comfortable as a regular 100% cotton garment. Dyneema fiber is 15 times stronger than steel fiber. It is already being used for oil rig moorings, sailing vessels and as bulletproof material. It is a thin microfiber and can also be included in a blend with materials to create ultra-strong fabrics that are light, soft, silky and cool to the touch.

DSM Dyneema, the company that invented this highly resistant fiber, has collaborated with Italian denim mill Berto E.G. Industria Tessile S.r.l. and technical yarn spinners Filtes International srl to create the ultra-strong Dyneema® Denim that is highly resistant yet also ages like real denim.

Among brands using this denim are the Australian motorcycling-inspired clothing label Saint that uses Dyneema Denim for its Unbreakable line of pants and jackets. These garments can endure about 30 meters of post-crash slide time over asphalt without ripping, compared to the 4 meters regular denim can resist.