On 14 October 2014 Dondup celebrated its fifteenth anniversary launching the new website dondup.com.

The brand, led and founded in 2009 by Massimo Berloni, CEO, and Manuela Mariotti, creative director, has gone through an overall evolution which started as a denim brand and grew into a complete fashion and lifestyle brand.

The Italian brand’s refreshed website is overseen by Christopher Simmonds, creative soul of several international magazines, who chose clean and essential graphics coherent with the evolution of the brand.

The new website also hosts the new section - “Stories” dedicated to lifestyle, food and people, aimed at revealing contents that are not necessarily linked to the world of fashion, though reflect moods related to the brand’s own sensitivity. In addition to showing most updated collections, ad campaigns and behind the scenes windows on the brand’s own identity, dondup.com is also connected to major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

“Our greatest ambition is to involve our stakeholders in an emotional way,” commented Massimo Berloni, “Our new website is a digital evolution of Dondup; our new challenge is now to reach a worldwide customer base currently still unexplored.”