Have a look at these two tech gadgets ‘Made in Germany’ that bring a handy dose of digitalization into your store to connect with the customer.

1. Virtual Promoter
The Virtual Promoter by software company Ameria works as an interactive screen to be installed in shop windows or in-store. On the life-size displays the passerby can not only see content (for example animated people or actions) that promote in-store products, but that also directly interact with him.

A module recognizes the passerby and tries to catch his attention by talking to him or “knocking” on the window; loudspeakers transmit the sound to the street. The module also recognizes gestures and consumers get animated to make certain gestures (for example to swipe or touch the screen).

Virtual Promoter
Photo: Ameria
Virtual Promoter

The whole content and all settings such as the sound are directed via the cloud which allows to access and manage the Virtual Promoter through all digital devices. As a full-service agency Ameria would also create the content or offers a special software (“VIP Composer”) for retailers to create contents by themselves.

Advantages of the Virtual Promoter lie in the direct interaction with potential customers already in the shop window and in the non-stop communication since the contents can even run during closing hours of a store. The Virtual Promoter can be bought (installation fee 30,000 Euro) or rented for a monthly fee of about 2,100 Euros.

2. Unite
Unite, developed by 3PLEset, aims to merge the on- and offline shopping experience by extending the in-store offer and giving the customer additional access to a brand’s stock - similar to POSeidon’s software and screen that SI introduced earlier this year.

Unite, developed by 3PLEset
Photo: Unite
Unite, developed by 3PLEset

On a life-size standing touchscreen that can be placed anywhere in a store the consumer gets an overview of a brand’s collection that the store runs but in the full color and size range. By touching the screen the customer can choose the items in the color he favors and the size he needs. If the store itself doesn’t have the preferable item on stock the customer can check the availability among the stock of the brand’s distributor in real time and directly order it via Unite. He then enters his address details for shipment, pays at the store’s cash desk and the goods will be shipped directly to his home address.

Michael Trespe, founder of 3PLEset, expects that “the return rate will be far below the usual rate in online business because the customer has seen the goods already in the store, he touched and checked them.” Still, shall any returns occur they are handled by the brand, not the retailer. Unite can be leased for a monthly fee of 49 Euros.