The Wrangler Flame Resistant jeans line (Wrangler FR) and Mount Vernon FR ( have partnered to launch a new collection of jeans added with the special cooling Cool Vantage technology. The new jeans selection is made with Mount Vernon FR’s Cooleemee FR fabric and guarantees greater comfort due to a cooling technology that helps to wick perspiration and pull moisture to the outside of the garment where it can evaporate quickly.


This technology increases comfort without sacrificing the protection or durability that a pair of FR jeans can provide, and is the first-ever application of cooling or moisture-wicking features to an FR denim jean.


“Wrangler is dedicated to developing the toughest products for the toughest consumers,” commented Ashley Farrar, workwear and FR merchandising manager, Wrangler. “Mount Vernon FR has assisted us in developing flame resistant clothing that combines unprecedented performance, durability and comfort, a winning combination that keeps wearers cool, dry and protected when it matters most.”


The evaporative cooling process works with the body’s natural cooling mechanisms to regulate body temperature in hot conditions or during periods of physical exertion. With cooling benefits woven into the fabric, Wrangler FR jeans with Cool Vantage technology are developed to last for the wear life of the garment.


Mount Vernon Mills is a 175-year-old manufacturer of textile, chemical and related products for the apparel, industrial, institutional and commercial markets. Mount Vernon FR is part of Mount Vernon Mills’ Apparel Fabrics Group, which produces denim, flame resistant and piece-dyed fabric.

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