From 21 to 23 June 2014, Milan will host the third edition of Denim Boulevard, a yearly event addressed at denim insiders and aficionados held in Via Genova Thaon Di Revel 21, in the Isola area, a historical location known for bell melting and manufacturing since the 1700s.

The event is organized by Crackers Magazine/Jpg Edizioni, an Italian publishing house specialized in fashion and denim publications. Twenty-five companies will participate in this event. Among them will be Italian denim manufacturer Berto, and Japanese jeans brands such as Japan Blue Jeans, Momotaro Jeans, Samurai Jeans; Spanish brand Companion Denim Co. and Italian brands Blue Blanket, Imjit35020, Jacob Cohen, TWTM, Memory’s and Sartoria Tramarossa Studio. Further participants will be Italian button manufacturer J-Val, Indonesian leather product manufacturer Voyej and Italian laundries and finishers Martelli and Wash Italia.
The event is also involving 20 key international denim retailers such as Banana Moon (Bari, Italy), Bottiglieria (Rome, Italy), 14 oz. (Berlin, Germany) and Tenue De Nimes (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Special guests of the events will be denim consultant Antonio Di Battista (about whom the organizers published the book “My Archive”) and Piero Turk, who will be presenting his own book “Details - A Life with Denim”. The event will start at 10 am, finishing at 10 pm and will host two workshops per day. A year ago it recalled about 800 people, all highly selected and specialized industry insiders.

One of the co-sponsors of this edition’s event is specialised trade show Denim By PV.