Dondup has recently revamped Quodlibet, its sophisticated woman's brand whose name plays with Latin words meaning "whatever you like.”

The collection is characterized by a mix of suggestions from past craftsmanship and modern inspiration based upon high-tech research materials and innovative silhouettes. Designer Manuela Mariotti, also the creative mind behind Dondup, has chosen to focus on freedom for inspiration, juxtaposing masculine and feminine elements such as cotton-silk shirts with unfinished hems, technicality-meets-tradition for fluid silk lined angora hooded tops and coats, tailor-made jackets finished with handmade golden decors and bright orange elements. PVC transparent trenches, geometric cut dresses, ergonomic-cut jeans and men’s trousers with technical elements complete the offer.

The collection will be sold at about 50 Italian stores and roughly 50 more around Europe (most of which do not currently sell Dondup) starting with the fall/winter 2012/2013 season.

Retail prices will be around 30% more compared to Dondup.