This afternoon, French fashion house Dior decided to fire its designer John Galliano after fourteen years of successful cooperation. The designer was already suspended from work since last Friday, when the company found out that the Brit had insulted a couple and an Asian at a bar in Paris with anti-Semitic defamations on Thursday night. In the press release, the Dior management justified its decision with Galliano’s unacceptable bad behavior. The 51-year-old designer, who was arrested by the French police in drunken condition and released some hours later, denied everything.

During the weekend, a private video circulated in the web showing Galliano drunken at the same bar in the Marais district. In this video, which was taped last December, Galliano argued also with some people sitting next to him, saying “I love Hitler“, and other anti-Semitic phrases.

Dior acclaimed that their company’s policy allows no racism at all. CEO Sidney Toledano said that Dior will tolerate in no case a behaviour which doesn’t conform to the values of the company. A dismissal for cause was enforced today.

A lot of movie stars wearing Dior fashion creations were shocked by Galliano’s behavior, including Oscar winner Natalie Portmann who is one of the role models of the brand. According to the French press, the fact to keep Portmann as its advertising muse enforced Dior to the decision to fire Galliano.

In the meantime, the fashion crowd in Paris speculated about the causes. Rumors have it that there were some discords between John Galliano and the fashion house in the past already. Dior didn’t want to take a firm stand so far about the fashion show scheduled for next Friday. Most people think that the show will still take place, but without its designer. John Galliano’s own fashion label is to be presented on Sunday afternoon.