Hyosung, one of the largest global spandex producer with the Creora brand, will launch their new Creora Fit2 technology at Denim Premiere Vision, taking place on 18 and 19 November in Barcelona.

The new technology was developed to meet consumer demand for second skin fit with 360° degree comfort. Hyosung has also partnered with Soorty of Pakistan to introduce a new collection utilizing this proprietary new technology.

The technology guarantees 4-way stretch highly comfortable fabrics with reduced shrinkage and better recovery. A variant of this employ is also a bi-stretch denim with Creora Fit2 technology offering more comfortable clothes with perfect silhouettes.

“Looking forward to 2017, we see continued demand for super stretch denim for women and men,” commented Ria Stern, global marketing director, Hyosung. “Today’s consumers expect denim to fit better and with more comfort. (…) We will be working with retailers and brands to promote Creora Fit2 technology as it delivers those consumer needs.”

“Creora Fit2 technology has allowed us to create a new collection of 4-way stretch denim with higher stretch but without the typical warp shrinkage and instability issues,” added Levent Korkmzer, head of R&D, Soorty. “The new collection is more affordable than previous 4-way stretch technology and therefore, more marketable. We are calling the collection Zumba to capitalize on today’s strong athleisure inspirations.”