The market and its needs are changing and so is Tom Tailor: The Hamburg-based brand has revamped its casual wear collection to give its portfolio a more clearly defined and modern look. “The market has changed, a new segment has even developed which we were unable to cover until now,” says CEO Dieter Holzer. In response to this, the company has redesigned its logo and also subdivided the Tom Tailor collection into three distinguishable pillars based on market demands.
Clean, urban, modern and less casual is the look of the label’s Contemporary Urban Style collection, indicated by a white label. “This part of the market is growing in particular,” says Holzer. A blue logo highlights the Authentic Urban Wear portion of the Tom Tailor casual garments, which accounts for the largest portion of the collection (60% to 80%) and will continue to be the core of Tom Tailor. American Sportswear and Heritage are the keynotes of the third and smallest part of the collection. However, Tom Tailor Denim and Tom Tailor Polo Team will still play a part in the Tom Tailor world as well.