#Fashiontech, the biannual event organized by Premium Group, is moving. The upcoming conference will now take place at Luckenwalder Straße in Berlin in the immediate vicinity of Station Berlin (the location of the trade fair Premium). The specific address has not yet been revealed.


This is not the first time that #Fashiontech has changed its location. In January 2019 the conference took place in the Köpenicker Straße at Kraftwerk Berlin. In July 2019 the new location in the Festsaal Kreuzberg was inaugurated. Despite this, nothing changes in the format of the conference–the masterclasses and workshops and of course the guest speakers continue to form the heart of the #Fashiontech conference.

Another innovation is that for the first time #Fashiontech formats in the form of panels will take place at Seek and Premium. "We want to promote the content of #Fashiontech and therefore there will be a stage at every trade fair for panels that will take place parallel to the conference," says a statement from Seek.

"Without wanting to pat ourselves on the back, we know that our service is unique. This is extremely well received by the community," explains Maren Wiebus, Seek’s director. “We will continue to scale this up in January. At the moment we are developing new formats together with the protagonists of our focus topics to exchange expert knowledge, stories and contacts on the site, accessible to everyone.”


For Seek it is especially important to establish itself as an equal trade fair to Premium and no longer to be regarded as its little sister. The panels are a first step in this direction.


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